Dental Tightening And Bruxism

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Dental Tightening And Bruxism

It is the name of the situation that results in teeth grinding during sleep caused by the difficulties or stress experienced during the day. Bruxism, which becomes chronic and wearing if left untreated, may present with symptoms such as noise from the jaw joints, pain in the joints or in front of the ear, difficulty chewing and difficulty opening the mouth.

For this reason, it is very important not to neglect the habit of clenching teeth. Because this habit can negatively affect the body health of the person and reduce the quality of life if it is not diagnosed early and treated appropriately

How can I understand that I have a habit of clenching teeth?

  • If you feel tenderness, pain and fatigue in the muscles in the jaw area,
  • If you have noticed that the shape and length of your teeth have changed over time,
  • If you receive feedback from the people around you that your teeth are gurgling, clicking noises,
  • If you have widespread sensitivity problems in your teeth and gums,
  • If you observe fractures and cracks in your teeth or pre-made porcelain veneers,
  • If you feel limited in your mouth opening or jaw movements,
  • If you have noticed that there are traces of teeth on the sides of your tongue, it is very likely that you have a habit of clenching teeth.
What Are The Treatment Methods?

What Are The Treatment Methods?

The treatment approach for your clenching habit may vary depending on the size of the problem, as in any ailment.

  • Night Plates: These transparent plates, which we want to be worn during the night, are only given to patients who apply with mild to moderate tooth clenching problem. The purpose of use of night plates is to reduce the force on the teeth due to clenching during sleep and to prevent erosion of the teeth.
  • Botox Application: Botulinum toxin (botox) treatment is widely used today in bruxism / clenching / teeth grinding. With Botox treatment, excessive use of medication is avoided and a much higher success rate can be achieved than other treatment methods. With Botox injection, muscle relaxation is provided by eliminating the stress and excessive chewing force in the muscles without damaging the muscles and without problems with chewing. It prevents your muscles from overworking.