Digital Intermediate Camera

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Digital Intermediate Camera

During the dental examination with an intraoral camera, you can see all dental calculus, caries, old fillings and crown-bridge restorations on the screen and make your treatment decision with your dentist. In addition, the difference between your intraoral image before and after treatment can be shown on the screen.


It is to perform the procedures performed by classical methods in dentistry with the help of a smart intraoral scanner and computer. This process is divided into two.

  • In the old method, the plaster model extracted from the impression taken with the classical method inside the mouth was transferred to the computer environment with an intraoral scanner. However, its use is not recommended because of the high margin of error in this method.
  • In the new method, the measurement taken from the patient's mouth with an intraoral scanner is 3d modeled and transferred to the computer environment. In this way, errors arising from taking measurements with the classical method are eliminated. The margin of error decreases to 1000/1 levels in the measurements taken with the new generation precision intraoral scanners.
Oral Digital Camera Usage Areas

Oral Digital Camera Usage Areas

Intraoral digital camera technology increases the awareness of patients about their oral health. In cases where advanced treatments need to be brought to the agenda, patients can see their intraoral images with this technological equipment and have information about the importance of health problems. Intraoral camera usage areas are listed as follows:

  • Determination of caries that are difficult to notice during physical examination,
  • Detection of missing parts of fillings, fractures or cracks in fillings,
  • In the diagnosis of dental nerves and root canal problems that have lost their vitality,
  • In the planning phase of the treatment of tooth development and dental disorders,
  • In infection detection,
  • In the analysis of gum diseases and bone loss due to gum diseases.