What is Tartar (Tooth Stone)?

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What is Tartar (Tooth Stone)?

In our daily life, the saliva circulating in the mouth can cause tartar, in other words, tooth stone.

Tartar is also known as the precipitation of calcium accumulated in saliva. The plaque formed on the teeth by the microorganisms accumulating in our mouth due to not brushing the teeth is home to the formation of tartar.

An important area among periodontal diseases is the cleaning and polishing of dental calculus. Because tartar can sometimes be the color of your teeth, it may be difficult to notice from the outside. Once formed, tartar will not go away without the necessary treatment by your dentist. Specialists recommend that you see a dentist, especially since the remaining teeth cannot be seen easily. Regular doctor control is always the right choice for oral health.


How is the treatment process of tartar?

Your dentist decides what kind of treatment to apply after the oral examination.


How is standard dental scaling done?

Plaque and tartar are cleaned from the interdental and gingival line.

The teeth are polished with a special paste and polished.


How to prevent tartar formation?

Going to regular doctor check-ups

Brushing teeth after every meal

Dental floss

If you apply the basic three items, you can prevent the formation of tartar. If you want to have a little more detailed information, you can take a look at our article named HOW TO DO DENTAL CARE.


What should we pay attention to after tartar treatment?

Since the gums may become sensitive after tartar treatment, it may be necessary to pay attention to hot and cold foods for the next few days. No food or drink should be consumed for two hours immediately after the treatment.


What should be considered after tartar treatment?

After treatment, you can follow up on how often tooth stone occurs or how your oral cleaning is going in the routine controls determined by your dentist.