Periodontology Treatment

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Periodontology Treatment

Periodontology is a subject that requires expertise like every field in which dentists are involved. Unlike teeth, the tissues surrounding our teeth; It is the branch of science that deals with the diseases of the gums and the bone surrounding the tooth roots and the treatment of these diseases.

If the inflammation in the soft tissues of the gums progresses to the bone, it causes bone destruction there. The aim is to stop this destruction or to ensure that it does not occur at all with early diagnosis. Most tooth loss in adults is due to periodontological disorders. These diseases caused by oral bacteria are stopped during the treatment and the bacteria are destroyed. In addition, oral care is one of the most important treatment methods.


Why is oral care important in periodontology?

The treatment process is exactly what we can call a team effort, where you and your dentist need to make an effort. Because the removal of bacteria, which is the cause of these disorders, is directly related to the oral care you will show after the treatment. You can support the treatment process by protecting your oral health.


What is bacterial plaque?

Bacterial plaque occurs when food residues remain in the mouth, at the junction of the gum and tooth, and begins to produce acid. In a very short time, they adhere to the tooth surface and turn into dental calculus. They get away from the mouth with an effective and continuous care.


What are the stages of periodontological treatment?

The patient, who is definitively diagnosed after clinical examination and radiographic examination, follows the following processes:

All the tartar around the teeth is cleaned and the tooth surfaces are polished. Deep cleaning (Subgingival Curettage) is performed inside the gingival pockets and on the stem cell surface.


Antibiotic treatment: Antibacterial mouthwashes are recommended in acute gingival infections.

Surgical treatment: The inside of the gums and bone surfaces are cleaned of inflamed tissue.


How do you know if you need periodontal treatment?

If there is a bad smell in the mouth,

If there is bleeding while brushing on the gums,

If teeth are loose,

In a healthy individual, the color of the gingiva is pinkish. If the gum is red and occasionally swollen, it is recommended that you see a periodontologist dentist. These symptoms need to be considered because most periodontal conditions do not cause pain.

Routine controls are very important in periodontal treatment. Consulting a specialist for your oral health improves your quality of life and makes your life more comfortable.