Prosthesis Treatment and Care

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Prosthesis Treatment and Care

One of the most important specialties of dentistry is prosthetic treatment. This treatment method, which is applied to patients who have lost all or part of their teeth for various reasons, is an extremely important application area to restore the comfort of daily life.

In addition to aesthetic elements, it is a series of treatment processes that facilitate our daily life in terms of oral health, such as chewing and speaking properly.

Types of Prostheses

Temporary Teeth

Although a temporary tooth structure is provided by considering the social and psychological state of the patient while fixed prostheses are made, it should be decided together with the dentist, as in every treatment method. In the half-palate positions, the patient gains a tooth structure as soon as possible.

Fixed Prostheses

If your tooth has a high rate of material loss, fixed prosthesis is recommended. Fixed dentures provide a more comfortable chewing than removable dentures.

Removable Prostheses

If all teeth have been extracted or if you have experienced a discomfort related to gingival issues and have lost most of the teeth, removable and removable dentures are recommended. The use of removable dentures is longer than fixed dentures.

Implant Prostheses

They are prostheses that are used fixed by sticking. When applying prostheses on the implant, the treatment is decided according to the number of missing teeth and the structure of the bone to be implanted.

Removable Prostheses on Implants

They are prostheses made on implants in cases with a completely edentulous mouth. It is recommended in cases where it can be uncomfortable even talking when it comes to the tongue and cheeks.


How should daily prosthesis care be after treatment?

It is recommended that you develop and continue all your routines for dental health in your daily routine. The main point to be considered here is to prevent the bacteria from living between the prostheses and to provide full cleaning. It is known by experts that improperly cleaned dentures invite a number of diseases such as gum recession. Removable dentures must be removed at bedtime and cleaned with soap. Toothpaste is generally not recommended as it can scratch the denture. Although it seems easier to clean removable dentures than fixed dentures, daily care routine should be taken into account in fixed denture care. In addition, using dental floss and an interface brush in removable dentures will increase the quality of cleaning, therefore it is recommended by experts.