What is Smile Design?

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What is Smile Design?

Do you sometimes keep your smile inside while expressing your enthusiasm? What if we don't need that anymore?

Smile design is becoming an area of ​​specialization, especially in the developing dental health sector. The characteristic of smile design expertise; It is caused by the combination of many treatment methods that protect oral health. Therefore, it is very important for dentists to have experience in their own specialties. In this article, you can find what you are wondering about smile design and look at oral health treatments from an aesthetic window.

Smile design is a treatment method that should be done individually and considering dental health. Smile Design, an application area of ​​aesthetic dentistry; It is the process of correcting the oral structure that has deteriorated due to various reasons.


In which cases is smile design applied? 

Gum problems,

Crooked front teeth,

Spacing in front teeth,

Crack in front teeth,

Decay in front teeth,

Gingival recession,

If you have one of these complaints, you can make an appointment with our dentists and have a smile design suitable for your mouth structure.


How to make a smile design?

The jaw and tooth structure of the person to whom the smile will be designed is very important. Because smile design is primarily planned by considering these two structural features. Personal characteristics such as skin structure, age, and what kind of expectation the person has from the smile design are important guides for the smile design application to reach the desired result.


What is done in smile design?

Smile Design, which is a multidisciplinary treatment method, includes many treatment methods aimed at protecting dental health. Smile design prioritizes oral health while shaping dental aesthetics. Thus, it is aimed that the smile design implemented will remain healthy for many years.


What are the stages of smile design?

Elimination of caries that impair oral health,

If there is a missing number of teeth, it is corrected by various methods,

Treating gum diseases, if any,

Teeth whitening,

Filling operations,

Coating process,

Transparent plaque treatments

It is possible to achieve the smile you want with dental treatments that improve oral health.


We know that you care about dental health, and besides, you may want to add the smile design recommended by the experts to your to-do list for a beautiful smile.