What is Zirconium Crowning?

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What is Zirconium Crowning?

For those who seek both health and aesthetics: Zirconium Crowning

Zirconium, which is used instead of metal-supported porcelain, provides an aesthetic result. Since zirconium is a substance in the color of the tooth, the porcelain on it allows you to achieve a natural appearance. A white alloy is used instead of the gray metal in classical porcelain bridges and prostheses.

Since the zirconium material does not contain metal in its structure, there is no dark line at the gingival level as in the metal porcelains used in the past. You know, zirconium oxide is also used as a heat shield in brake discs and remote shuttles. In addition, many patients with metal allergies choose the Zirconium crowning method.


What are the situations where zirconium crowning is applied?

Zirconium crowning can be applied in the whole mouth or in place of selected teeth. While restoring your dental health with an aesthetic appearance, the communication you establish with your dentist will work for you here as well as in every application. Keeping healthy teeth in place is always the first goal. Let's examine together in which cases zirconium crowning can be preferred:


In removing the coloring caused by the food we eat,

In transforming hereditary coloration,

In prostheses on the implant,

In discolored old fillings,

In split, crooked or turned teeth,

Zirconium crowning can be applied in the bridge or veneer treatment of the teeth remaining in the back.


What should be considered when choosing the color when making zirconium crowning?

If zirconium is to be applied to the entire mouth with its light permeable structure, you can determine a color with your dentist and reach a result that you will be happy with. If it is to be applied to 2 or 3 teeth, the closest shade to your teeth is chosen to make the whole mouth look aesthetically pleasing.


How is the zirconium crowning and gingival compatibility?

It is very important to be in expert hands in the application of zirconium crowning, as in every field of health. When done properly, a healthy harmony with the gingiva is obtained due to the structure of the zirconium material. It does not cause gum recession. It prevents the appearance of a bad color even if the gums are pulled due to improper brushing or any other reason.