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Zirconium Crown

Zirconium is one of the best quality dental materials used with its strength, tissue compatibility and natural appearance. Its white color allows zirconium to imitate natural tooth tissue very well. Today, very successful results are obtained in dental and implant supported crown bridge applications made using zirconium material.


Which teeth can zirconium crown be applied to?

Zirconium crowns can be applied to all teeth in the anterior and posterior regions.


How Long Does Zirconium Crown Treatment Take?

Zirconium dental treatment period is approximately 1 week. There may be changes in the duration of the treatment depending on the patient's expectation during the process and the treatment route followed.


How to Apply with Zirconium Coating?

In order to apply zirconium coatings, a 1-2 mm shaving process is performed as in metal-supported coatings. These teeth, which are shaved with special impression materials, are measured and prepared in a laboratory environment. After the final rehearsals and arrangements in the patient's mouth, they are adhered with special adhesives.

Does It Create Pain During The Procedure?

In order to prevent the sensitivity that may occur during the shaving process, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain. In order to prevent the patient from experiencing any sensitivity until the cutting process is finished and the zirconium coating takes its place in the mouth, the top of the shaved tooth with temporary prostheses is covered in the same session.  No pain is felt during or after it.

What are the Advantages of Zi̇rconium Porcelain Coating?

What are the Advantages of Zi̇rconium Porcelain Coating?

  • It is a material that captures perfection when evaluated aesthetically. It is also more durable compared to other full ceramic systems.
  • It is a tissue-friendly material with very good biocompatibility and does not cause allergic reactions.
  • In metal-supported systems, the sensitivity occurring on the tooth due to the heat conduction of the metal is reduced in systems with zirconium infrastructure due to the low thermal conductivity.
  • Unlike the metal substructure, it is a more aesthetic material because it does not have a gray color reflected from the bottom of the gingiva and because of its light fragility.
  • It does not cause allergy since it does not contain metal.
  • Since it does not contain metal, it does not change taste and does not cause odor.
  • Its color is always the same as it is applied, it is not affected by colored foods. 


How Should Zirconium Coatings Be Cared?

The maintenance of zirconium crowns is carried out with daily brushing, dental floss and interface brushes. Possible problems are prevented by routine check ups with a dentist.