I give The Dentroyal Dental Clinic - 5 stars++. I have been to many dentists in Europe and the treatment I received at Dentroyal was definitely the best. I had been waiting for the opportunity to visit Turkey and catch up with some overdue dental work. The practice is managed by Dr. Seniha who is extremely well acquainted with all forms of dental work, and speaks excellent English. I had in all, 10 new porcelain crowns and 2 root canal therapies plus 1 extraction of a very rusted out molar. I always dreaded the injections more than anything at the dentist but this time they were almost unnoticeable. Before any of the procedures, I had 1 X 360 degree X ray and later, 2 X single tooth X rays to check the root canal fillings. I am extremely happy with the whole experience at Dentroyal. The cost of my treatment was afffordable and the result was absolutely excellent. Again 5 stars++