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Our polyclinic, which was established in 2019, is a health center where all branches of dentistry are applied under the management of Dr.Dt Ebru Önder. Our clinic is open between 09:00 and 18:00 comprising of five dental units and five specialist dentists.

At DentRoyal Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, which was established to provide quality and reliable health services to our valued patients, we have brought together a sup... Devamı


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Very professional and friendly team explaining all aspects of the procedure about to be undertaken. I felt at ease at the dentist for the first time in my life and was amazed and so pleased with the result of the work I requested. I wholeheartedly recommend Dentroyal to any and all visiting or living in Izmir where you are made to feel welcome and valued as soon as you walk through the door into a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.


Very professional doctor and I felt very confident with going ahead with the treatment. Really happy with the results and will definitely recommend this clinic. Prices also are very affordable.


It takes finding the right dentist to get rid of the phobia one has of being on the chair. I went in for zirconium crowning & there was bleeding in the gums too, and I must say that they did remarkable work. Quick and painless. I just loved the way they engaged & explained it all !!


Dr. Levent one of the people who have the ability to meet the required satisfaction of his patients. And he has a lot of values, which let him be one of provider excellency of service.


I enjoyed coming to Dentroyal dental clinic with its amazing professional dental doctor that made me feel comfortable and giving me the full trust for my dental issues.


I give The Dentroyal Dental Clinic - 5 stars++. I have been to many dentists in Europe and the treatment I received at Dentroyal was definitely the best. I had been waiting for the opportunity to visit Turkey and catch up with some overdue dental work. The practice is managed by Dr. Seniha who is extremely well acquainted with all forms of dental work, and speaks excellent English. I had in all, 10 new porcelain crowns and 2 root canal therapies plus 1 extraction of a very rusted out molar. I always dreaded the injections more than anything at the dentist but this time they were almost unnoticeable. Before any of the procedures, I had 1 X 360 degree X ray and later, 2 X single tooth X rays to check the root canal fillings. I am extremely happy with the whole experience at Dentroyal. The cost of my treatment was afffordable and the result was absolutely excellent. Again 5 stars++



Periodontology Treatment

Periodontology Treatment

What is the All on 4 Treatment?

What is the All on 4 Treatment?

What Should We Pay Attention to in Implant Treatment?

What Should We Pay Attention to in Implant Treatment?

What is Tartar (Tooth Stone)?

What is Tartar (Tooth Stone)?