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Digital Surgery Guide

Digital surgical guides aim to achieve the highest possible success in implant surgery by placing implants in the bone at the most ideal angle and position. These guidelines provide great convenience to both the physician and the patient in implant surgeries.

With the 3-dimensional tomography obtained before the operation, the jaw images of the patient are analyzed in the finest detail, and in this way, the areas where the implant will be placed are determined in the most accurate way and the size and the angle of placement of the implant are adjusted accordingly.

Surgical templates, which will show the placement places of the implants designed in a virtual environment, are produced by 3D printers. During the implant operation, these surgical templates are applied to the patient's mouth and the implants are easily placed in the bone by the surgeons.

In this way, implants are placed in the bone with very precise measurements. Another advantage is that the operation time is shortened, minimal bleeding and sutures are not required.