Implant Treatment

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Implant Treatment

One of the most preferred applications while restoring our oral health is implant treatment. Implant treatment can be evaluated under the heading of surgical applications and is mostly performed through local anesthesia applied with a needle.


What is implant?

In Implant treatment, the basic principle of which is to replace the lost tooth roots, a special titanium screw is used in the jawbone and the tooth is worked on. The implant, which fuses with the jawbone over time, will live with you for many years.


What are the stages of implant treatment?

Implant treatment is a process that starts with the 3D imaging (tomography) method. Your dentist chooses the most suitable area where the implant can be placed. The type of implant is determined according to the jaw structure. The implants are placed with a simple operation and the waiting period begins. On average, between 2 and 3 months, you will complete the process by coming for the control on the dates determined by your dentist.


Is there an age limit in implant treatment?

The lower age limit is 18 because the jaw development is expected to be completed. With the prolongation of life expectancy, the age range scale in dental health treatments has expanded.


Who poses a risk to implant treatment?

If you have a chronic heart condition

If you are pregnant,

If you have any addiction,

If you're having problems with diabetes, there's a risk, but the good news is; Your dentist will tell you the most appropriate treatment method for you.


What are the advantages of implant treatment?

As a result of implant treatments, you can have a natural-looking tooth structure.

Thanks to implant treatment, patients can get rid of moving teeth in patients who use the palate or have completely lost all their teeth.

Since the tooth on which the implant is placed is in a solid structure, it provides a natural use like your real tooth in cases such as chewing and speaking.

In implant treatment, only the damaged tooth is processed. Therefore, your treatment ends before your healthy teeth are damaged.

In implant treatment with no side effects, it will be sufficient to use high quality implants and follow your controls. The care of implanted teeth proceeds in the same routine as the care of healthy teeth. Regular brushing, flossing and regular dentist check-ups should continue after the treatment.